Twitch over Youtube?

Over the past few months I had seen a shift of focus from┬áthe traditional video game YouTube videos to twitch streams. For those who do not know, twitch is a streaming service that offers it’s users the ability to live stream game play to viewers around the world which is pretty cool if you ask […]

Gear that every film maker should consider

Okay so this blog post is going to be a bit different from most of my articles. Rather is being a whole paragraph about a certain topic, I am going to provide a list of things that every film maker should consider purchasing. First off we are going to start with your camera. Right now […]

Is camera gear important?

The whole point behind this post is to send a message to all the up and coming film makers. Let me make one quick point before I begin my rant about camera gear. Having all these fancy cameras, lights, tripods, and microphones really boosts production value but production value IS NOT important what so ever. […]


I’ve hinted at this before but I watch a whole lot of Youtube videos for the array of content that is offered through this service. But one thing that really caught my eye was the great amount of Vlog channels (basically video diaries of a persons everyday life). The reason why I am a fan […]

Batman vs. Superman…is it worth it?

(SPOILERS AHEAD) Upon leaving the movies after seeing “Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice” I felt pretty good about it. Now while I agree with most people saying there wasn’t too much fighting in this movie between the two top dogs in the DC universe it was still a fun ride. ┬áDirector Zack Snyder gave […]

Henry is a little hardcore

If you have been watching any sort of TV lately you have probably come across a movie trailer by the name of “Hardcore Henry”. Now what is so special about this movie is the fact that it does not use any sort of proper camera equipment. Rather is uses the GoPro cameras that have gained […]

Gaming and society

Videos games are certainly a staple in our society for better or for worse. There are people who believe that video games increase violent behavior in teens and young kids. I can say as a gamer myself that I do not believe that this is true only for the fact that studies have been done […]